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10 Gifts for your Best Employees

Managing harmonious relations with your employees can ensure positive workplace attitudes and high productivity. Happy and motivated employees tend to be more engaged in the workplace and have better performance. Corporate gifts can help to build the organizational culture, depending on the corporate gifts that were given, they could be of immense help in improving employee relations. Employees will feel appreciated upon receiving corporate gifts and motivated to outdo themselves. Read on to find out more about the 10 most motivational corporate gifts that you should get for your employees.


  1. Dolce 10oz Ceramic Mug with Spoon


Grabbing a cup of coffee or tea is common in the workplace, and this Dolce 10oz Ceramic Mug is a perfect corporate gift to those who need beverages to pull through a long day at work. Its minimalistic design of having monochromic black and white colors allow companies to be creative with customization. Its functionality and minimalistic design are the reasons why it is one of the best corporate gift ideas for employees. Corporate gifts are good at incentivizing and recognizing your employees’ efforts that they have put into their work, and this pushes them to achieve their best.


  1. 4 in 1 Multifunctional Pen


Being an essential item on the worktable, pens are usually inseparable from our daily work. Moreover, this pen can be used as a pen, LED light, laser pointer and stylus. As the company rewards them with useful and thoughtful gifts, it thereby highlights the heartwarming idea of gifting. It enhances their work attitude and constantly reminds them how the company is welcoming and is a safe environment which encourages them to push for their best.


  1. Quentin Memo Holder


The workplace environment is extremely crucial to cultivate a conducive and encouraging workplace culture. Companies can have a “motivational wall” by sticking post-its on a wall which inspires employees to strive for excellence and motivate their peers. This Quentin Memo Holder consists of post-its with various colors and allows customization with company logos. Hence, it fosters a sense of togetherness among employees to build a supportive company culture.


  1. Leano Leather Notebook


Giving this Leano Leather Notebook to employees, the company would be able to see an improvement in workplace attitude as employees realize the recognition from the company and they would be encouraged to strive for excellence. Hence, this notebook has functional values and plants positive sentiments towards the company.


  1. Collapsible Straw


Metal straws have been trending lately. Being a part of the metal-straw users establishes the company’s image as one that cares about sustainability. Moreover, this Collapsible Straw sets itself apart from the normal metal straw as it is easily portable and allows employees to bring around conveniently. It enables the company to appeal to those employees who are more environmentally friendly and builds a closer emotional connection between the company and the employees. With improved employee relations, employees are happier at work and are more motivated to work harder.


  1. Drawstring Canvas Pouch


Offering food in the workplace helps to improve employee relations and your employees would feel that the company cares for them more than a mere employee. Moreover, 57% of employees said that food-based perks would make them feel more valued as companies attend to their physical needs (SquareUp). This Drawstring Canvas Pouch is durable and reusable, allowing you to store miscellaneous items. It has the dimensions of 23cm by 30cm, and companies can place snacks and food in it to make it into a welfare pack, showing your appreciation to your employees.


  1. Bava A4 Seminar Folder


The Bava A4 Seminar Folder allows employees to store their work and notes orderly. Employees would have a greater sense of belonging when they receive corporate gifts which are engraved with the company logo, as they feel welcomed and be more grateful towards the company. It would thus translate into higher productivity since they have more drive and motivation to excel in their work.


  1. Fitzgerald Powerbank with Wireless Charger


Gifting your employees with a power bank that has your company logo will remind them of the company’s goodwill whenever they are using the charger. Hence, it improves employee relations and workplace attitude. The effect of this corporate gift extends beyond the workplace and effectively motivates them to strive for excellence and perfection.


  1. Wooden Desk Calendar


Aesthetic stationeries help to style up to the workplace environment, making it more pleasant for employees to work in. This Wooden Desk Calendar helps employees to keep track of their work schedules and ensure their productivity. As the working environments are more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, employees would enjoy their time spent in the company.


  1. Cirstar Crystal Awards


Recognizing employees’ hard work increases their productivity as they feel appreciated and important in the company. Employees would feel the recognition and acknowledgment from the company when they receive this Cirstar Awards. It spurs them to work harder in the future. Moreover, it builds confidence in the employees and makes them take pride in their work.


Gifting builds the organizational culture as one that is more welcoming and heart-warming, and this can be done with the use of corporate gifts. Thoughtful corporate gifts can be a means to reward your employees and show them that the company sincerely and genuinely appreciates them. Done well, employees will feel that the company values them and be more committed in their work. The positive emotional responses that corporate gifts elicit are crucial in ensuring the employees’ well-being, at the same time, corporate gifts motivate and inspire employees to push for excellence.

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