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10 Most Functional Promotional Gifts for your Clients

Gifting allows your company to show its appreciation and strengthen its bonds with your clients. Whenever they are using the promotional gifts given by your company, they would always be reminded of the company’s goodwill. However, the corporate gifts chosen must be highly relevant and useful to clients for them to be more supportive of your company. Hence, we have chosen the 10 most useful promotional gifts for your clients that seek to foster a stronger sense of customer loyalty within them.

  1. Double Wall Glass Tumbler


Glass is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product as it is 100% recyclable (  This Double Wall Glass Tumbler helps to establish the company’s image as one that is eco-friendly. Moreover, it withstands high heat and stores hot beverages conveniently. Hence, this useful corporate to clients improves your company’s reputation and making it easier for clients to remember by your company.


  1. Marble Pin SS Vacuum Flask


Marble prints have been in trend these few years, and a vacuum flask with marble prints looks stylish and fashionable. As this Marble Pin Vacuum Flask is memorable, it helps to increase the number of impressions made to your company. Hence, it is an ideal gift to your clients who are trendier and more youthful.


  1. Frank Bath Towel


Bath towels are a necessity in our daily lives. Giving this useful corporate gift to clients will increase your brand awareness and remind them of the company’s goodwill. Moreover, it helps to improve your company’s brand image and maintain customer loyalty.


  1. Bamboo Fiber Lunch box


This natural Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. It caters to your clients’ pursuit of a sustainable way of life by lowering carbon footprints. Hence, it is a popular and useful corporate gift to clients and establishes a stronger brand presence.


  1. Cool Max Plain Cap w Sandwich & Silver Buckle


The cap is made of 100% woven polyester that helps to keep you cool in Singapore’s hot weather. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable back closure that offers security. This baseball cap protects your eyes and skin from the blazing sun rays. Hence, making it a functional and useful corporate gift that encourages potential customers to sign up for free trials and generate more leads.


  1. Cerruti 1881 Steel Card Holder


The Cerruti 1881 Steel Card Holder allows people to store their cards orderly and making it less of a hassle when looking for cards. This is a useful corporate gift to clients as due to its functionalities. Moreover, this premium promotional gift is perfect for clients who have more exquisite taste and fosters stronger brand loyalty among them.


  1. Ashlea Travel Digital Pouch


Who would say no to a pouch that helps to store all your chargers neatly, and keeps them in place? Convenient, handy and well-compartmentalized, this Ashlea Travel Digital Pouch consists of different size sections that help to store and keep miscellaneous items in place. Hence, it is an ideal gift for clients who travel often and are well-organized.


  1. Dice Seasoning Set


Are you looking for a useful corporate gift for your clients? Then this Dice Seasoning Set is an interesting and unique one to capture your clients’ attention. It is appealing to those clients who cook regularly, and they would be constantly exposed to the company’s name whenever they are in the kitchen.


  1. Lexon Airline Duffle Bag


The Lexon’s Airline Duffle Bag’s interior has three compartments and two zippered front compartments for easy storage. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it suitable for all people. The fabric is easy to clean and maintain, making it the must-have duffle bag for traveling. This useful corporate gift shows your appreciation to your clients for their constant support. Hence, it is a functional gift to those clients who love to travel around the world.


  1. Classic Thermo PU Notebook


The Classic Soft Cover Thermo Notebook (A5 size) has an elastic closure and a ribbon page marker make it a handy and useful corporate gift for many people. It is covered with textured thermo PU leather, giving it a classy touch to the minimalist design. Thus, this corporate gift is suitable for all people due to its functionalities.


In conclusion, corporate gifts can be beneficial to the company if they are done appropriately. The company needs to have its clients in mind and aware of the clients’ tastes and preferences when choosing corporate gifts. Corporate gifts will only work its magic if they are well-chosen and well-targeted at the clients. Giving practical and useful corporate gifts to clients improves the company’s image and helps to generate more sales.

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