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A Simple Guide to the Business Gift Giving Etiquette

With the new year comes new corporate festivities to plan for. As part of these festivities, your business will probably be carrying out lots of gift giving in order to show appreciation to many of your valued clients. Gifts are definitely a great way to get clients to stick around but making sure the gift is appropriate and appreciated can be a challenge sometimes. Whether you get your gifts online or from a physical store, here are some tips to guide you to a perfect gift for your valued clients.

Consider your clients interests

Considering the price of the gift is important if you want to set a good impression on clients. A cheap gifts might make you look miserly and an expensive gift might make u look slightly  too lavish. As such, it is important to consider an appropriate cost for your gifts in order to set your branding message right!

Avoid printing your company logo on the gift

Printing your logo on the gift means that the item has to meet a certain standard of quality. Stamping your brand onto the gift might also come off as hard selling to your clients so perhaps think of other ways of how to incorporate your branding into the gift.

Display it right

Whether it’s coffee mug or a wine set, presentation always matters. If it’s a festive gift, make sure the gift and wrapping paper fits the theme. Throw in a greeting card as a finishing touch to set the impression right.

Take note of corporate guidelines

Companies always have protocols on what kind of gifts are acceptable and how their employees should receive gifts. Check out their company policies first before purchasing a gift.

Rethink humorous gifts before the joke’s on you

Although humorous gifts might be a creative option for your gifting ideas, clients might misinterpret the meaning of the gift. Understand your client’s sense of humour before choosing such a gift. Alternatively, functional gifts are always the safest option so you won’t have to worry about dealing with unwanted reactions from your clients.

Do you need to get a seperate gift for the bosses and employees of the company?

Thinking about what kind of gifts to give employees and bosses can be a hassle, especially if you want to send the right message to both parties. It is recommendable to provide separate gifts if your budget permits as this will definitely come across as a well thought out gift giving strategy.

Gifts are definitely a key part of your business’s branding as they always set a good impression on clients if done right. The Gift Expert is a one stop online platform for all your corporate gifting needs. We seek to provide you with the most convenient way to source for quality and functional gifts that will be great to show gratitude to your clients. Visit our website for more ideas on your next corporate gift

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