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How Corporate Gift Strategies Benefit Your Company, Clients, and Employees

Promotional and corporate gifting has been a best practice for as long as we can remember. They are a great way to show an appreciation to your customers, business partners and employees. It is an undeniable fact that no one can make a business successful all alone. Developing a gift strategy is so important in deepening relationships. Corporate gifts are an incredibly cost-effective method of advertising. They are used quite frequently as the cost per impression is minimal compared to other forms of mass media or targeted advertising.

Your Company;

Using promotional material as corporate gifts literally put your name out there. When you distribute gifts with your business name, logo and contact information, you are spreading awareness of your company. By distributing your company’s logo, name and contact details on corporate gifts, you increase awareness, interest, and curiosity in your business. By receiving something free from your company, they associate with the gift and in turn, your company, positively. You can use gifts as an incentive to capture email addresses or sign up for free trials. Customers are much more receptive to a company that gives them free gifts.

By receiving a gift, you develop a positive perception of the giver. The idea of giving is associated with goodwill. Giving corporate gifts to your stakeholders and prospective clients will improve your company’s image and increase positive perceptions.

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Your Clients;

People love receiving gifts. They are also more likely to pay attention when receiving a gift. If the promotional product you give can be used frequently in an office environment, it will remind that office of your helpfulness and goodwill. This can go a long way when developing relationships with current and prospective clients.

Customers who receive corporate gifts are more likely to give you repeat business. It enforces the partnership link between your business stakeholders. Giving corporate gifts reminds the receiver that their business is important to you. This is a positive feeling that increases loyalty.

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Your Employees;

You can improve the attitudes of your employees by giving gifts to your staff. Rewarding them for good work with company branded gifts reminds them of how valued they are to the company. It motivates staff to win these awards and increases productivity. You can also reinforce a company’s values or slogan through repetition on promotional products.

Almost all the major business tycoons practice corporate gifting at their workplace. When you create a positive environment at your workplace and appreciate each other’s efforts, you celebrate the small milestones that you achieve. The workplace gets better for your employees and they inevitably feel motivated to work even harder.

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Get your gift strategy started. A few things to take note on;

  • Conduct some research to see whether gifting is allowed at the company you are giving gifts to (ex: industries like financial services, insurance and medicine are a few that have restrictions).
  • Get to know your clients more intimately to find out what they like and don’t like. You would not want to give a wine gift to someone who doesn’t drink wine!
  • Show gratitude. Do not give a gift before asking someone to do a big favor. You would want to avoid your gifts being perceived as a bribe.

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