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Flexible Desk Phone Holder BLACK - ET1018BLK

Flexible Desk Phone Holder


Duo Adjustable Folding Phone / Tablet Holder

Duo Adjustable Folding Phone / Tablet Holder BLACK - ET1021BLK

Invisible Laptop Stand


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The Invisible Laptop Stand weighs merely 85g and is only 0.25cm.  It has removable adhesive that leaves no marks or scratches when detaching from any devices.

Equipped with two elevation adjustments that make it easy to find your ideal positioning. The flexibility helps prevent neck and shoulder pain while looking at the screen.

  • High setting (25 degrees)
  • Low setting (15 degrees)

Packaging :  Individual OPP Bag

Material :  PU

Dimension :  22.3cm x 16.7cm

Color(s) :  Black, Grey

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