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Trending corporate gifting ideas in 2020

With the new year comes more gifting opportunities for clients and employees. But thinking about what gifts create a lasting impression and showcase gratitude might be slightly stressful especially if you want your company’s gifts to stand out in the crowd. Of course, as with any industry, the trends in the promotional gifting industry are constantly changing. To make sure you are up to date for your corporate gifting ideas for 2020, here are some trending themes that we predict will be taking 2020 by storm:


1. Sustainability

Sustainable gifts have been an emerging trend in the industry, especially with the rising demand for eco-friendly and reusable products by consumers. Such gifts will be a great way to showcase the environmentally conscious side of your brand to your recipients. Some sustainable products include:

Grow your own’ office plantsSource Reusable multi functional wine carrier & rackSource


2. Connectivity 

With the flooding of technology gadgets in the market, wireless and portable electronic promotional products will always be in demand. Such gifts are always functional for work and your recipients will definitely carry it around with them on the go, literally giving your brand mobility. Trending wireless promotional products include:

2 in 1 wireless charging power bankSource Bluetooth MouseSource


3. Durability

Promotional products that stand the test of time always create a lasting impression on clients and employees. There’s always an everlasting benefit for associating your brand with functional gifts that have a longer shelf life. Classic functional gifts include:

Unbreakable  auto open umbrellaSource Stainless steel vacuum tumblerSource


4. Nostalgic

In the age of digital media and the yearning to revive the past, promotional products that bring you back in time will definitely strike a chord with your recipients, especially those from the millennial generation. This can help influence your recipients to be emotionally hooked on your brand since your products help them forge links between their past and present. Unique retro-inspired products include:

Retro phone radioSource Retro milk bottle styled drinkware Source


Promotional gifts are a crucial part of your branding identity as they are a reflection of what your company values. What better way to show your gratitude for clients and employees then by showering them with the latest promotional gifts in the market. With our expertise in the promotional gifting industry, The Gift Expert seeks to provide our clients with the fastest and easiest way to source for quality and trending gifts online. Start your 2020 right with us by visiting our online platform for all your gifting needs.

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